Anna Chaplaincy 

As you may be aware the Churches Together Dementia Project comes to its conclusion at the end of September this year. Its stated aim at its inception in 2016 was that ‘every church in Cumbria should be ‘dementia friendly’ by 2020’. Key to achieving  this aim has been the recruitment of Dementia Enablers in each church or group of churches. We are nudging towards having 150 Enablers at at least 108 locations across the County. It is still not too late to be involved in this Project and if you would like to nominate someone to the role of Dementia Enabler, please do let me know. (Yvonne Povey, Dementia Project Officer. )
However, in order to build on the work that has been done, Churches Together is looking towards introducing and establishing Anna Chaplaincy as a distinct ministry of the Church in Cumbria. This is a community based approach to chaplaincy concerned with the spiritual care of all older people. It is hoped that some of those who are currently Dementia Enablers will consider becoming Anna Chaplains, but that others will too, who may not have been involved with the current Project.
The attached document gives more information including details of two upcoming days for anyone wishing to find out more. Further information about Anna Chaplaincy which is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship can be found at

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